Doctors for the Environment Inaugural Student Conference, 5-7 Dec 2009

Join health students from across Australia as we converge on Melbourne for 3 days of inspirational talks, workshops, and social events at ‘iDEA’ – a national student conference supported by Doctors for the Environment Australia (

Engage with community leaders, doctors, fellow students and others and share some of the positive ways that health students can harness the independence of their professions, their expertise in understanding complex biological systems and their privileged position of public trust, to demand change for the sake of planetary and human health.

The health professions have a long and proud history of service in the name of the greater good. The present unfolding global and regional environmental crises mean that never before has the need for action been so great.

This conference runs from 5-7 December 2009. Cost is $55 for the full conference or $20 per day. Subsidies are available for those who need them. Come for one, two or all three days. The location is Newman College, University of Melbourne.

It’ll be a great opportunity to learn about what’s going on in the area of health and environment and to network with like-minded health students and professionals. Hope to see you there!

For more information contact deastudents [at] or your Victorian state DEA reps: Sophie (sophiepgc [at] and Imogen (evelyn.imogen [at]

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