Back in action post exams!

Just a quick update to let you know that GHG is back in action post end of exams! We began with a leisurely lunch at Lentil as Anything to celebrate the end of GHG’s first semester, and last week held an awesome working bee to plan for the coming semester and to get a few things done.

At the working bee, the main projects we planned for next semester were: a vegie bbq in the first week back, a carbon footprint competition for health students, and production of recycled lecture pads. Check out the notes from the working bee for more details. During the working bee, we also drafted a submission to the Royal Commission on the Black Saturday bushfires, highlighting the connection between climate change, bushfires and health.

We’re holding another working bee on Friday 17 July at 11am to make recycled lecture pads and to create a banner and mascot for GHG from chickenwire and old newspapers! Should be fun – more details to come via email. If you’re not on the list, email for info.

Also, on 11 May – way back when in the time before exams – GHG screened ‘End of Suburbia’, a documentary about the dependence of suburban life on fossil fuels, especially oil. For those who missed it, or who want to delve into this area a bit more deeply, check out the interview between George Monbiot and Fatih Birol, the International Energy Authority’s chief economist, in which Birol reveals for the first time a ‘ startling and worrying prediction for the date of peak oil’.

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